What to Do When a Website Drops In Rankings

When your entire website is facing a drop in rankings or it is the secondary keyword for which your website is not ranking well, either of these is something that you wouldn’t like to happen. Nevertheless, these ranking fluctuations cannot be avoided. Here, the best thing that you can do is to be proactive in your approach while managing the rankings of your website. Things can change in a matter of very short time when it comes to ranking, so need to have a robust plan in order to deal with any uncertainty which may come in the way.

Below is a list of the things that you need to take into the account in order to ensure that you don’t get buried after falling in the Google’s rankings.

Make sure that your site is technically correct

When you are doing SEO of your website, it would be too easy to forget about the basics. Well, this habit can turn out to be disastrous in the long and short term.

For instance, you may not be paying attention to the fact that there may be some pages on your website that are no longer accessible with the URLs you would have allocated. To check such pages in your website, you need to run a test which is often referred to as 200 status code check. If your website and the pages inside it are returning 200 status okayed, it means your website and its pages are accessible. Otherwise, the pages may return 404 or 410 error codes.

Another major factor behind fall in ranking is often seen to be the search bots’ inability to crawl a website. This could be due to intentionally turning the blocker on in the robot.txt file. The pages’ links in this file can be turned on an off manually or with the help of different tools. Sometimes, you may run a tool to make modifications in the website and that tool may bring the important pages of your website in ‘inclusion’ list. As a result, the website will be inaccessible for the search bots. To undo the inclusions, you can either modify the robot.txt file manually, or you can do it with the help of different free tools available.

On page elements

With search engines getting smarter, the importance of different SEO factors may have got lessened. But, these factors are still among the most important things to take care about. For instance, keywords optimization is still one of the most important things to consider when you are optimizing your website. In fact, conventional keyword research has transformed into much advanced form which basically aims at entertaining the questions rather than keywords.

Meta description is another factor that you need to work on and that too no an advanced level. Search snippets have been updated, and now search engine takes into account several factors to make a snippet the featured one.

H1 tags also play an important role in the optimization of a website and its pages. The reason is that search engine bots give special attention to the h1 tags. Therefore, you need to make sure that h1 tags on the pages of your website are properly optimized.

High quality content

Content is something which requires investment in the form of money and time. You need to create high quality content that is aimed at entertaining your audience. Another fact to remember, while creating content, is that it is not one-time investment. You need to consistently update the content keeping in view the changing needs of your audience.


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